Posted by: Shawn Ragan | June 26, 2008

Back to School?

Well…I am on “vacation,” but it has not felt much like vacation.  My original plan was to have a job lined up to start on July 1st, and actually take a week of vacation.  We even had plans to go camping in Stanley this week with friends.  That, however, did not come to pass…I am still job hunting.

As the job goes, I had an interview yesterday that looks promising, I hope, and one next week I am excited about.  I have several more applications I am waiting to hear back on…so, we’ll see.  I would like to have a job lined up for July 1st, but if something looks promising that does not start for a week or so after it, I think we can stretch our budget a little.  Otherwise, I will be looking at temp day jobs.

In the course of job hunting, Tori and I have had to do some talking about long term goals.  One of those is for me to finish my bachelors degree (I was pursuing a B.A. in History prior to starting my pastorate eight years ago).  I want to go on from there and get a Masters in History as well…then at some point I’d like to teach – on the college level if I can.

So here I am, amidst the job hunting – I am applying for school.  I have an orientation Monday morning at Boise State (now a famous school after their upset over the Sooners a couple years ago – funny, tuition has almost doubled since I was there last 😦 , not cool).  My schedule for school and how I am going to make this happen will depend upon the job I take.  Last time I was in school I was in my mid 20s and had a wife and one small child at home – our bills and expenses were negligible.  Now, I am in my mid 30s with a wife 3 kids at home and many more expenses.  Kinda frightening.

I love school, though, and I have constantly read over the last eight years.  It has been that study into Church History that lead me into Orthodoxy. Full-time job, full-time school, full-time dad and husband…whew, I thought I was busy now 🙂

Well, I am going to go watch some TV with my wife…I have been non-stop since this morning…



  1. It’s good to keep up with you.
    “Cast your cares upon the Lord, for He careth for you”
    “Commit thy ways unto the Lord and He shall direct thy path”
    Your industry and willingness to work in any capacity forms a basic attitude of humility. God can easily bless the humble man, since–should he fall–he never falls far, being as he is already so close to the ground.
    My greetings to Tori and the children!

  2. hmmmm… History major? The joke in Texas is “What is the most common name of history teachers?” Answer: “Coach”. LOL! I have 3 degrees and enough post grad hours in various fields to gag a recruiter but have been working construction for 26 years because it pays well enough to feed my family, keep my wife at home with my kids and gives me opportunities to do a lot of cool stuff for people and the Church. I went to grad school part time for almost 10 years working full time with kids etc. It can be done, but just remember to keep the family first.
    There is no “lowly work” when it is serving those you love.

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