Papers and Publications

Below are additional papers I have written.  Some are papers on Christian topics, some are papers that have been published, some are academic book reviews, and there are also history research papers meant for publication or presentation at a conference.  All of these papers are copyrighted.  Please ask for permission to use.

Academic Book Reviews

This section contains academic reviews of books on a variety of historical topics.  If you want to know how I would review a book, check out this section.  These are academic reviews, usually done as part of classwork; they are not opinion pieces.  They are meant to be critical reviews, so this is something more than just an “I liked it because…”

Research Papers (History)

This contains academic research papers I have written.  They all are in the field of history.  Topics range over a variety of historical issues, though most will deal with something within the first seven to eight centuries A.D.  Some of this is for classwork or meant to be presented at a conference, some are writings based on a research topic that piqued my interest.

Religious/Theological Articles

These differ from the academic research paper because they are primarily theological.  Some will have a more homiletic tone, but all will deal with some particular teaching in Christianity.  As I am an Orthodox Christian, one would expect that I will be writing from someone within that tradition.  That does not mean, though, that my writings are meant to represent to teachings of Orthodoxy or that I am an expert in Orthodox doctrine or teaching.


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