Research Papers (History)

The page has academic research papers, in the field of history.  Most will deal with early church history, imperial Roman, or early Byzantine, though other topics may be covered as well.  A brief abstract will follow the title below.

The Great Church: Hagia Sophia, A.D. 326-532

When one thinks of the Hagia Sophia, Justinian’s Great Church comes to mind.  His church, dedicated in A.D. 536 was one of the greatest churches of the Middle Ages.  Prior to it being burned down in the Nika riots of 532, the original “Great Church” stood for almost a hundred and fifty years.  This paper looks at that church, the original Hagia Sophia church.  Constantine laid the foundations for this church in 326, it was dedicated in 360, suffered damage from fire and was rebuilt 402-406 and was almost totally burned down in the Nika riots in 532.  Ancient sources, archaeology, modern scholarship, and other 4th and 5th century churches help show the architecture of this incredibly beautiful and amazing “Great Church.”  Several plates are included.


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