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Barbecuing at the Church

The original purpose of this blog was to outline and share our journey of discovery as my family and I moved from Protestant Christianity to the ancient and historic Eastern Orthodox Christian Faith.  This blog picked up in the last year of that journey, though with some flashbacks, much of our three year journey was shared.  In August of 2009 my family and I were received into the Orthodox Church and I brought my blog to a conclusion

However, since then there have been several things I have wanted to write about…things both about our continued journey in Orthodoxy, but other things as well.  However, this fell outside of the scope of this blog, so I have not done it.  More recently I have wanted a venue to post some additional papers I have written, on a range of issues.  I am an avid student of history, so some of these writings include research papers and academic book reviews.  Probably boring for most, but hopefully not all.

Because of that, I have decided to continue the blog.  The original posts, outlining our journey to Orthodoxy, are contained in the beginning of the blog through August of 2009.  The next phase of the blog begins in April 2010.


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