About Ephraim Shawn Ragan

Shawn and Tori

August 2009

I am 35 years old and married to a wonderful wife (Tori) and the father of our three children (11, 10, &7).  I have a seventeen year old son who lives in Nebraska.

From September 2000- June 2008, I served as a pastor of a Sabbath-keeping Protestant Church.  For three years, I also taught a first-year Ancient Greek course and I am an avid student of history, particularly church history through the Seven Ecumenical Councils (8th century).  I also enjoy writing when I have the time and I have published half a dozen magazine articles.  Some of these articles will be available in the “Additional Writings” section of this blog.

A few years ago (2006), as part of studying for a class I was teaching in our church, I contacted my former Greek teacher, who was an Orthodox priest.  That meeting was my first real encounter with Orthodoxy, and for the next last couple of years I looked at and tested this faith, and found that it was and is what I have been seeking most of my Christian life.  Here I have found the Christian Truth I have read about and studied throughout my pastorate and much of my life.  In January of 2009, my family and I were received as catechumens in the Holy Church, and on August 1st we were received into the Church through Holy Baptism and Chrismation.  This blog covered some of  this journey, from my first contact with Holy Orthodoxy to our Baptism.

Please note, this was my journey as I was growing in it (and still am), with some reflections looking back on things – I am neither an Orthodox apologist nor an Orthodox theologian.  I might say something that is not true, but it is my experience as I write it – please do not use this blog as any sort of “expert opinion” on Orthodoxy.  If you want to know more, and you want to be sure you’re getting it right, call an Orthodox priest or click on one of the Links to Orthodox websites (An Introduction to Orthodoxy is quite helpful), or go to Ancient Faith Radio and listen to some podcasts.  The best way, though, and the only real way to know about the Church is to meet her – attend some services, meet the people, ask some questions.

After leaving the pastorate last June, life changed drastically.  I worked as an electrician apprentice, but with the economy in the state it is in, we had some slow periods that have been particularly challenging.  I am working with a non-profit agency now, and I also am working a paid history internship this year, as well as some substitute teaching.  I returned to college last year to finish up a bachelor’s degree I was working on before entering ministry.  My B.A. will be in history, and then I hope to go to grad school for my Ph.D. in Ancient History.  The long term goal is a tenure-track position at a university.

I am originally from Nebraska…and with that comes a great love for Nebraska college football.  My eleven-year old tends to like pro ball (he likes college too), but my heart is in college.  Go Huskers!

While there are many different things I enjoy doing, and a few things I’d like to do, right now my time is defined by the fact that I am a husband, a dad, and an Orthodox Christian.

I love the outdoors and being up in the mountains – camping, hunting, fishing, relaxing under a tree by a creek listening to the birds and animals – cooking over a firepit, camp coffee, beans, fish, etc.  One of the reasons I love living in Idaho is the ability to go to the mountains.  Some day, I’d like to load up a few horses and take off with a kid and get lost in the backcountry for a week.

~Ephraim Shawn Ragan



  1. I am proud of you……Love ya

  2. if you live in States i recommend this http://www.stanthonysmonastery.org/index.php

  3. Ephraim

    May you and your family be blessed.

    Thankyou for a very informative site.

    My Orthodox Journey started February 2009 … 13 June 2009 received the Holy Sacrament of Baptism and Chrismation. This may seem very short … In retrospect the Journey spans a period of nearly 50 years … From Protestant to Orthodox … For years been reading various books written by the Holy Fathers … always wondering “WHO ON EARTH IS LIVING LIKE THIS???” My search went through Judaism … Astrology … Eastern Religions … ECT …. Mental Institutions … Severe Depression and Sczhizophrenia ….

    Our Good God in His Compassion and Love opened the Door into Orthodoxy and i entered the Awesome … Holy …. God’s Most Well-kept Secret Hidden in Plain Sight …. I am searching no more … just learning and becoming whole …. what no Mental Institution or Therapy could do … Thru the Holy Sacraments … slowly …. slowly … the Grace is teaching and healing and creating a new Life … also discovering Our Holy Panayia …. the Beauty ofthe Holy Theotokos cannot be described in words … and also discovering our Holy Fathers and beautiful Mt.Athos and the Monastaries


    mary of egypt
    the most sinful wretch

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