Posted by: Shawn Ragan | October 3, 2008

When is Armageddon?

There is a lot written in this day of age about the end times.  New books come out with new ideas.  Fictional, for many churches, have become the basis of reality.  What about the ancient, historic Church?  What does she believe in these matters?  How have the “great cloud of witnesses,” the lives of the Saints over the last two-thousand years, understood this?

As I have said, I am not the best person to write about what the historic Orthodox Christian Church says on anything.  What I can share is my journey into the fullness of the Christian Faith.  One of my favorite speakers, though, Fr. Thomas Hopko, tackles this question and the Orthodox perspective on end times.  All I will say now is that it is not what you hear in many churches today, and the answer is very sobering.

So, if you have a couple of hours (and my former parishioners thought I could talk a long time 🙂 ), then I highly encourage you to sit down and watch this video.  It’s better than a movie – and cheaper, it’s free!

“Fr. Thomas Hopko speaks at St. Elias about Christianity and Armageddon”



  1. Hey Shawn. Thanks for pointing to this video. I converted it to an audio file and began listening to it on my way to work today. I love Fr Hopko’s teaching and this lecture captures virtually everything that I love. It’s an absolute gem.

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