Posted by: Shawn Ragan | August 10, 2008


I feel like I should be blogging more often.  I have started a number of posts, only to not finish them or to read them when I was done and decide I should not publish them.  I just spent the last half hour writing about the Feast of the Holy Transfiguration and Tori and I’s visit with Fr. Patrick.  Halfway through, I quit.  It just wasn’t happening.

I don’t know why not.  The services I was able to attend for the Holy Transfiguration were wonderful, and I once again was able to experience the great beauty, depth, and richness of this ancient Faith.  I know others who are struggling right now with this very issue – there is no great depth in their tradition – and they really don’t know what to do or where to go.  That was me a couple of years ago.  I saw my need, I tried to humble myself, and the Lord opened the door for me on that first visit with Fr. Patrick.  Anyone who has followed along with this blog should also be able to pick up that it was years of preparation in my spiritual life that lead up to that first visit, and my subsequent journey into the fullness of the Christian Faith.  In that journey, I have found this deep well-spring of life – of Christ, and I no longer have to drink from shallow wells.

“Come” the Spirit and the Bride say.

“Taste and see” says the psalmist.

The Lord is good.


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