Posted by: Shawn Ragan | June 21, 2008

My Last Day

Wow.  It is here and gone.  My last service as the pastor of this church.  Eight years living the life as a pastor…being a pastor…ministering and serving this group of about 50-60 families.  Today we had our last service in this church.

I have to be honest.  While I have known this day was coming since last October, and while we have been spending the last six months in the church with this day ahead of us, it is still far from real in my mind.  Even while it was happening…and it was very real as it was happening…the fact that this was it was still out there somewhere.

Today’s church service followed a different pattern of worship than usual…we omitted several parts of the service and I spent some time reading from a kids book, “From I-ville to You-ville.”  While it is a kids book, it is also a great book for adults 🙂  The congregation had some special time of prayer for me and my family, which had been preceded by one of our Elders spending some time sharing.  It was all very nice.

After all of that, I had an opportunity to say some last words and share some final thoughts with our congregation.

I thought the whole service was very nice and very meaningful.  I was worried before the service (actually, incredibly nervous and almost nautious), wondering how it would go.  It was very loving and I really think that it all ended the way it should have ended.  It is so easy for people to leave angry or hostile, or for a period of relationship to end with some sort of shallow experience.  I don’t think we ended that way.  It was a time of love and forgiveness, and I hope and pray that each person in the church feels the same way.

May God forgive us all, and may He lead and guide us into all Truth.



  1. Wow, Idont’ know what happened at your church but I hope there is healing and forgiveness and Grace on all sides. God’s best to you!

  2. Sounds like you had a great experience and memories and learning(s) that will last a life time…….I am so proud of you.

  3. Thank God your leaving was peaceful and without rancor, division, faction or scandal. You have blessed your former parish more than you know. God bless you for making it that way insofar as you were able.

  4. Shawn, you experienced things exactly as they should be. It is a testimony to your pastoral faithfulness, and your love for the people, that you feel as you do.
    May the Lord grant you His blessing in the wonderful path which is opening before you and your beloved family!

  5. Shawn,

    I have no profound words to offer. I only thank God that He sent you and your family to our parish.


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