Posted by: Shawn Ragan | May 20, 2008

The Countdown

Six weeks to go…in six weeks life for me will drastically change…it seems almost every aspect of it will…

I have had change before…when I was married…when my children were born…each of these events substantially changed my life and the way in which I lived my life. Those who are married and have children understand this, but that is not what is happening in six weeks.

First, some backstory…

I am 34 years old, married, with three children (plus one who lives in Nebraska with his mother). All of my life I have been aware of God…I grew up going to a Protestant church, being confirmed at 14, and participating in the Youth Fellowship. Eight years ago, I became the pastor of an independent Sabbath church, and for eight years, this full time pastorate has been a part of every facet of my life.

Pastoring a church (this church’s average attendance is a little over 100 each week) is a full-time job, but in a different way then your 9-5 job. As a pastor, you never get to clock off. I can be on vacation, and if there is an emergency, you’re still the pastor. For eight years, all of our life has been connected with the fact that we are a pastor’s family. Not only is it part of who we are, but it is also our livelihood. Paycheck and benefits all come from the church.

In six weeks, that will change.

Over the next several posts, I’ll share why that is. Even more, though, than why we are leaving the pastorate and this church, the real gem is in where we are going.


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